The Uptown Freret Business Corridor Is a Place to Buy Rental Property

After many years and much effort, the Freret Business Corridor is finally enoying change for the better. The businesses and homeowners in this neighborhood have been proactive for many years, including years predating Hurrican Katrina, but the neighborhood was plagued by blighted housing and crime.

While Katrina was an impediment to the lives and aspirations of many, it benefited this neighborhood greatly as it wiped the slate clean and opened a window of opportunity for those who relentlessly suppported the Freret Corridor to stake a claim and turn the tides toward prosperity.

Today the Freret Business Corridor hosts a vibrant business community with new businesses that are flourishing including Dat Dog (gourmet hot dog you should try), Melanie Fawer’s Yoga Room, another Yoga studio, various cafes and long time community asset Freret Hardware. These businesses are attracting a desirable patronage and the residency has shifted from a mix of good-for-nothings and losing optimists to a balanced pot pourri of good citizens, both veteran and new transplants.

Unlike other Uptown New Orleans neighborhoods in walking distance to Tulane University, there are still great investment opportunities here for real estate investors. With rents at an all time high, all investors seeking a return would be wise to consider the Freret neighborhood.

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