How Not to “For Sale By Owner” in New Orleans

I was driving down Carrollton Avenue in uptown New Orleans, and I could barely believe my eyes! This is possibly the worst FSBO marketing I have ever seen.

This For Sale By Owner sign violates the number one rule in selling  a piece of property quickly AND for the highest possible price (the primary goals in every instance) in the following ways:

First of all, the sign is very difficult to read. The handwriting is so small, that even standing a few feet in front of the sign it is still very difficult to read the contact info let alone from inside your car as you drive by. Furthermore, this is a busy street where traffic moves pretty steadily and quickly and there is really no place to pull over so it is even more unlikely that potential buyers are able to write down even a phone number.

Second of all, believe it or not, the property address is not anywhere on the sign and the sign is in the middle of the street, so it is literally impossible to know what property is for sale! I was so flabbergasted that I kept perusing the for sale by owner sign assuming that somehow my eyes could not recognize an address that was acutally there. But there was none.

So what is the number one rule that this sign violated? Exposure. The most exposure possible is what sells property quickly and for the highest price. Should you choose to attempt selling your property without a real estate agent that has a marketing plan above and beyond listing on the MLS, you are going to have make much better effort than this, especially in this real estate market.

As you can see, this sign is in the middle of nowhere.

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