What is your sports HELL? Mine is going on right now!

Andrew Severino
Published on July 10, 2017

What is your sports HELL? Mine is going on right now!

By:  Aaron Goldberg

Sports HELL is going to mean different things to different people.  To a baseball player it could be a long hitters slump or when a pitcher can’t get the ball over home plate.  To a golfer it could be not being able to sink a put from 6 feet or a bad case of the shanks.  To a basketball player it could be a long shooters slump.  The one reason that transcends all sports is a losing streak.  Sports HELL really only exists inside a persons head, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

To me sports HELL is the period between the NFL Draft and the start of NFL training camp.  Sports HELL has nothing to do with the weather, but it is hot as HELL here, pun intended.  Its the time of year when the flow of sports news is rather slow and there are no sports to follow unless you like Major League Baseball.  Nothing against MLB, in fact I use to follow it very closely, but that has decreased very year.  I used to be an avid San Fransisco Giants fan, now I follow them very casually.  The most interest I have in MLB is seeing how the former LSU and other local players are doing.  Personally, I think I have lost interest because of how frequently players change teams via free agency, its difficult to even know which teams the super stars are on, sports HELL.

This year my sports HELL will be slightly shorter thanks to the LSU Baseballs’ team long run in the college world series, only to lose to Florida in the championship series.  NFL mini camps are a nice treat, but only last 2 weekends.  The same can be said for NBA draft and free agency.  I was particularly excited for NBA free agency this year, several big name players are on the move, however it only lasted a few days then fizzled out.  While it is interesting to see where Carmelo Anthony lands, I hate his game, so who cares, he will kill any team chemistry anywhere he goes.

The NFL is definitely my favorite sports pastime, luckily we are only 2 weeks away from the start of training camp.  The most popular NFL writing right now, is rankings.  Ranking every position, and most importantly ranking the top 100 players in the entire league.  Reading these rankings can be fun at first, but they start to get old and repetitive.  Then you read the NFL networks top 100 players on NFL.com, and you become sick to your stomach.  That is exactly what I experienced when I read that Dak Prescott the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys was ranked 2 spots ahead of Drew Brees.  There is no doubt that Dak had a phenomenal rookie season, one of the best by a rookie quarterback in league history, but to rank him ahead of Drew Brees, a first ballot hall of fame, is just sickening to me, sports HELL.  Maybe if Drews production were declining I could see it, but he is still setting the league on fire and breaking records.  To me this one ranking is enough to discredit the rest of the 100 player ranking.  There is no argument on this planet that can justify Dak being ranked ahead of Drew, all I can think of is that that author of that list doesn’t follow football, but in reality I know thats not true.  I hope that Drew posts that list in his locker as motivation for this season and has a year that puts Dak to shame, then the author of the list can write a public apology, wouldn’t that be something.  Sports HELL is almost over, and I for one, cannot wait!!! GEAUX SAINTS!!!


What is your sports HELL? Mine is going on right now!
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