Great Tree Ideas for New Orleans Landscaping

Andrew Severino
Published on May 28, 2017

Great Tree Ideas for New Orleans Landscaping

Chaste Tree and Crape Myrtle are Two Great Landscaping Choices for Your Yard in New Orleans

 Unique New Orleans landscaping ideas can be difficult to come up with due to our blistering hot summers and super high humidity.  There are plenty of plants and trees that do well here, but you tend to see them EVERYWHERE around town.  Here I am presenting the rarely seen Chaste Tree and the very common Crape Myrtle, which is used frequently in New Orleans landscaping designs because it does so well in this climate.

The Chaste Tree (vitex agnuscatus), a Great New Orleans Landscaping Idea:

This Mediterranean native has deep blue heads of flowers. There are also pink and white selections and seedling trees have in-between shades. It flowers throughout the summer and requires full sun, regular water and fertilizer. Prune out old canes and any winter damage in the spring.

Chaste Tree - New Orleans Landscaping Idea

There is a Chaste Tree over my driveway at my uptown New Orleans home that blooms purple flowers abundantly every year, and it always looks great.  After thirteen years in this home I have never witnessed this tree struggling at all and it reliably produces the colorful spear shaped flowers year after year.  There is no doubt that anybody looking for landscaping ideas for their New Orleans home ought to consider the Chaste Tree.

The Crape Myrtle (lagerstromea), a New Orleans Landscaping Favorite

The Crape Myrtle is a deciduous tree or shrub noted for large flowers clusters all summer and handsome bark.  Best in full sun with with regular water and fertilize in spring and summer.  There are many cultivars in many different colors, all are beautiful.

Crape Myrtle is a great New Orleans Landscaping Idea

A great New Orleans landscaping idea is to line the street in front of your house with a few Crape Myrtles.  You see this often.  They create fantastic curb appeal.  You may also choose to plant one in your backyard, providing shade in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the attractive flowers.

You will also see Crape Myrtles planted on neutral grounds augmenting the view for drivers and pedestrians in a neighborhood.

Trees can be expensive, so choose wisely.  Hopefully this article has helped you make a good decision that you can enjoy for years to come.

Great Tree Ideas for New Orleans Landscaping
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