Andrew Severino, Broker

New Orleans Real Estate Broker, Realtor, Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission

 Andrew Severino was raised in Westchester County, NY by two physicians.  While attending White Plains High School he excelled in mathematics, chemistry, economics and writing skills.  Extracurricular activities included piano studies, ice hockey and lacrosse.

Andrew arrived in New Orleans in 1995 to complete piano studies at University of New Orleans.  In 1996, at the age of 22, a conversion of factors offered an opportunity to begin a career in real estate.  At the age of 22, this was of interest to Andrew as he had read books on real estate investing at the ages of 17 and 18 out of a compelling desire to learn about the industry.  This is when he bought his first rental property form his landlord on Octavia Street in uptown New Orleans.

In his mid twenties, after acquiring a few more rental properties in uptown New Orleans, Andrew made a firm commitment to real estate as a career.  This was an easy choice as he had developed an overwhelming passion for all aspects of the real estate business.  Mr. Severino continued to develop a portfolio which, at the time of this writing, is made up of 74 rental units.

Cutting his teeth managing and developing a personal real estate investment portfolio and with partnerships though the school of hard knocks, a profound understanding of the local New Orleans real estate market developed an advanced level of expertise.  These are at the core of the added value Andrew Severino bring to his clientele when helping clients conduct real estate transactions.

After working as a licensed real estate agent at boutique real estate firm for a handful of years, Mr. Severino established Severino Real Estate’s real estate brokerage in 2013.

Currently Mr. Severino specializes in helping clients buy and sell homes and investment property in the Greater New Orleans area.  Services provided include buyer representation, seller representation, property management, and consulting services.

Andrew is a member of the National Association of Realtors and licensed as a real estate broker by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

Aaron Goldberg, Realtor

New Orleans Realtor, Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission

Born and raised in uptown New Orleans, Aaron Goldberg spent his childhood working at M. Goldberg, an upscale Men’s Specialty store owned by his parents.  After attending high school at the esteemed Newman School, Aaron continued on to college at the University of Kansas.

Upon completing his studies, Aaron started his Real Estate Career in Gulfport, Mississippi.  It was through working with top condominium developers that his enthusiasm for the real estate industry was born.

Hurricane Katrina unexpectedly interrupted Aaron’s new found career by not only devastating the coastal market he was working in, but also called him back to his hometown of New Orleans to help friends and family rebuild.

As rebuilding efforts began to reestablish order to the crescent city, Aaron eagerly jumped back into real estate choosing to work directly with local real estate expert Andrew Severino.  The two immediately began to develop a synergy that allows them to offer an undeniably profound client experience.

As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Aaron Goldberg enthusiastically applies his knowledge of homes and the real estate processes to aid his clients in accomplishing their real estate goals.  Aaron is Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

Damon A. Kirin, Realtor

New Orleans Real Estate Agent, Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission

New Orleans realtor, real estate agent Damon Kirin is a graduate of Tulane Law School, a background which gives him specialized insight into the mechanics of all real estate transactions, including the more sophisticated world of commercial real estate and real estate investment. In addition to being a licensed real estate agent,  Mr. Kirin is an experienced real estate investor having bought and sold tens of millions of dollars of real estate over the past several decades.   Having been a client in numerous real estate transactions,  and being actively involved in residential and commercial real estate transactions, investments and developments,  he brings a unique perspective and experience that his clients’ value. Mr. Kirin and the other real estate agents at Severino Real Estate strive to put their clients first,  focusing on their dreams,  goals and objectives rather than focusing on commissions.   He often advises his clients not to proceed with an acquisition or sale when it doesn’t serve their best interests. Mr. Kirin’s vast and diverse experience coupled with his commitment of putting his clients’ interests first is what separates him from others in the industry.   See what Severino Real Estate clients are saying here: Client Reviews of New Oreans Real Estate Agents