Severino Real Estate’s Marketing Strategies for New Orleans Home Sellers

The first step is to hire an experienced and documented New Orleans Realtor who is aggressive in helping you achieve your goals.  But there is more….

Andrew Severino Sold this Home in Uptown New Orleans for $910,000



Many New Orleans home sellers wonder “How do I sell my home fast and at the highest possible sales price?”  There is no doubt  that proper pricing is the  most important factor in getting your home sold fast, still attracting the highest possible sales price.  Our agents are highly experienced in analyzing market data in a scientific manner to find that “sweet spot” that accomplishes this task.

In addition to pricing a property for sale correctly, the Marketing Plan is a crucial factor in achieving the best possible results for the seller, usually gauged by successfully obtaining the highest sales price from a qualified and motivated buyer.  Maximum exposure to a pool of motivated buyers requires a surgical approach with well thought out marketing strategies  when selling your home.

Below are the core tactics that our part of our marketing strategy at Severino Real Estate. When additional measures are warranted, we will always implement them as well on a case by case basis.


Andrew Severino Sold This Garden District Townhome for $449,500


“Analog” Home Selling Marketing Strategies:

Yard Signs: Unless requested otherwise by the client, we will always place a yard sign in front of the property.  This is an effective way to ensure neighbors and passers by are aware the property is for sale, as well as attracting buyers that are not currently working with a Realtor.


Open Houses: For owner occupied homes, vacant properties, or rental properties that have cooperative tenants and show well, we do catered “Mega Open Houses”.  This means that in addition to other marketing efforts such as phone, email and direct mail, we put an excessive number of signs in the area to promote the Open House and attract buyers.  Research shows that this significantly increases attendance at Open Houses.  These are listed on the Multiple Listing Service, Zillow, Craigslist, and other websites.


Broker Tours: Similar to an Open House, a broker tour date is listed in the MLS so that New Orleans real estate agents and brokers can come through and get a first hand look at homes and houses for sale in the New Orleans real estate market.  When a property is new on the market, this can generate a flurry of interest as agents bring their buyers back.  This is a great way to create competition among qualified home buyers, sometimes creating a frenzy resulting multiple offers and a high sales price for your home.


Direct Mail: In most cases we will, at our own expense, have postcards with proven marketing language mailed out to the surrounding area and to our proprietary database of past clients, potential buyers and various contacts in the local real estate industry.


Custom Flyers: We create custom flyers featuring our listings for use at open houses or hanging at high traffic locations we identify as opportunistic where permission is granted.


Phone Calls:  The phone remains a powerful tool in the New Orleans home sales process. We have subscriptions to industry specific software that allows to generate a database of residents in any custom area we want, based on distance or map drawings which we create ourselves, applying our specialized knowledge of the local area.  We physically pick up the phone and call these people, informing them that we have listed property in their area, and provide our contact information should they be interested in purchasing the property or want to pass on the information to anybody they know.


Door Knocking: In some neighborhoods, knocking on doors is a great way to meet the neighbors and invite them to an Open House.  When offering information about a property in their neighborhood or inviting them to a catered Open House, many neighbors are thankful and receptive.


“Digital” Real Estate Marketing Strategies (Internet/Social Networking Sites)

Professional Real Estate Photos and Videos: At Severino Real Estate we believe that featuring your home for sale in the best light possible is light is crucial to generating interest from qualified and motivated home buyers. Today, the vast majority of home buyers begin their search online or via email from their agent or our email marketing. We hire professional real estate photographers that work in the New Orleans real estate market, at our own expense, to provide is with top notch photos that we can use for all of our online and email marketing.  When motivated, qiualified home buyers are searching for New Orleans real estate and homes for sale, the very first time they view your home for sale listing your property will give a great stunning first impression.


Multiple Listing Service: This is a database that all real estate brokers use in the Gulf Coast Area to share listings.  Our local service is run by the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors.  This is an incredibly effective way to ensure that ALL brokers and agents in our market are fully aware of the listing and can share the details with their buyers.


Email Marketing: We have a PROPRIETARY email list that we have built over the years, specific to our firm, consisting of personal contacts, past clients, qualified buyers, and real estate professionals.  Because we actually KNOW these people, it is not considered spam and our rate of response is very high.  All of our listings are sent to this database.


Websites:  All of our listings are featured on the leading real estate websites like Zillow,,  and Trulia. Our company website (you are on it now), is highly optimized for not only featuring your New Orleans “home for sale” listing professionally, but also to attract internet traffic from motivated, qualified buyers searching in the New Orleans real estate market for a home just like yours.


Facebook and Google: We have the ability to build custom landing pages that are very compelling for each property we list.  We use our advertising budget to run targeted marketing for your listing on Facebook and Google, targeting specific demographics that are searching for homes for sale in New Orleans, raising the likelihood to result in a sale obtaining the best possible price.