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So, I was at New Orleans City Hall last week trying to pay a “supplemental” property tax bill (the city screwed up basically, so they tacked on more taxes due March 31) on a tax lien certificate I won at auction in September of last year, and they told me it had been redeemed. Awesome! [...]

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Investing in tax lien properties can stir up controversy in some circles, but the purpose of this article is not to debate the pros and cons of tax lien investing. It is simply to outline how a real estate investor would invest in tax lien properties.

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Ben and I, both seasoned New Orleans real estate investors, uploaded this video to Youtube over a year ago. Seeing as it currently has over 4,000 hits and increasing daily, we thought it silly not to have have on one of our own sites! So here it is, the story of how Ben parlayed

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The days of obtaining 100 percent financing on investment property from bank mortgages are over. There are government programs for first time home buyers, but that excludes investment properties. The traditional methods of buying property with no money down all include owner financing. Here are some examples: