Single Family Homes, Houses and New Orleans Apartments for Rent

Here you will find New Orleans apartments for rent and single family homes for rent in New Orleans and the surrounding areas that are currently offered by Severino Real Estate. Be sure to make note of the availability date of each rental listing you are interested in as some of the rentals are not available until a future date.

When searching through our New Orleans apartments for rent, please be sure to make note of the “available date”.  Some of the apartment listings are currently rented and are not available until a future date.

If the rental apartment or apartments you are interested in list an available date that matches your needs, click on it and inquire with questions or request a viewing by appointment.

Landlord Services: We Rent Apartments in New Orleans

If you have an apartment to rent in New Orleans, Severino Real Estate can get it rented at a fair market price. We are experienced at screening tenants responsibly and pricing your apartments accurately.

Other services we provide include property management, listing your investment property or home for sale in New Orleans, and homebuyer representation.  Don’t take our word for it, read our client testimonials.